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Top 5 Best WordPress News Themes 2021

Best Wordpress News Themes 2021

If you are thinking of creating a news or magazine website, you are on the right site because we are going to tell you about the Top 5 best WordPress news themes 2021 that are in high demand this year.

We could also tell you about free news themes, but with free themes, you get limited and very few features، which makes neither the design of your website good nor the speed, which increases the bounce rate too much. And you lose in this blogging race.

We will tell you about the Top 5 best WordPress news themes 2021, with the help of which you can build a great website, increase the speed of the website, and also generate more revenue.

Top 5 Best WordPress News Themes 2021:

  1. Newspaper Theme 2021
  2. Sahifa Theme 2021
  3. Newsmag Theme 2021
  4. Jannah Theme 2021
  5. ZoxPress Theme 2021

Newspaper theme 2021

Newspaper Theme

The newspaper theme has always been the best news theme, with over one lakh total sales so far.
The world’s largest websites are using this theme, and the rating of this theme is also excellent.

The new version is Newspaper 10 which is very beautiful and full of innumerable features.

The developers of this theme are TagDiv Developers who have created many more themes, tools, and plugins besides this Newspaper theme.

This theme is the number one news theme in the world because it has great features and it is faster than all news themes.

This is a great theme that doesn’t require any coding. Everything you can easily customize.
This theme lets you edit your website from top to bottom.
Colors, fonts, layouts, headers, and footers – you can easily customize everything without any coding. Top 5 Best WordPress News Themes 2021.

 5 Best WordPress News Themes

Newspaper theme features are amazing, with the help of these features you can create the best website very easily and very quickly.

We have given below all those features, you can check them out.

Newspaper Theme Features:

  • No coding required
  • Beautiful and astonishing post styles
  • Engaging category templates
  • Easy one-click install
  • Header builder
  • Footer manager
  • Tagdiv composer
  • Wpbakery page builder
  • Tagdiv cloud library
  • IOS Slider
  • Live search Ajax
  • Pre-build pages
  • Landing page elements
  • Google AMP ready
  • Official Mobile Theme plugin
  • Blazing fast loading
  • delightful mobile design
  • SEO ready
  • GDPR compliant support
  • Automatic Update on
  • 8 premium plugins included
  • 100+ Pre-build websites
  • Custom gallery
  • Tagdiv Video Playlist
  • Weather widget
  • Ad box widget
  • Currency exchange widget
  • Social counter widget
  • Instagram widget
  • Newsletter widget
  • Yoast SEO integrated
  • Support Schema markup and Google structured data
  • SEO optimized
  • Integrated Translation panel

You can read more information about this theme on Themeforest.

Best WordPress News Themes

Sahifa Theme

Sahifa Theme is another great WordPress theme for creating news websites.
With this theme, you can create the best blog, magazine, and news website of any kind.
We think you have the best features in this theme, you will not find so many features in any other theme.
The main feature of this theme is that its design is very delicious and beautiful.

With this theme, you can easily create a website in any language, because this theme is translation ready, and you can also create your own online shop with the help of the Sahifa theme because this theme is Woocommerce Ready.

Sahifa Theme Speed

There are many more features in the Sahifa theme which we have given below, you can check them out.

Sahifa Theme Features:

  • Beautiful WordPress theme Ever
  • Translation Ready
  • Woocommerce Ready
  • Fully responsive and retina ready
  • Amazing and Powerful admin panel
  • bbpress and BuddyPress
  • Tiepage builder
  • One-click Demo import
  • Social counter widget
  • Beautiful theme layouts
  • Mega menus + beautiful menu icons
  • Content slideshow
  • Homepage sliders
  • Off-canvas mobile navigation
  • Post views system
  • Fly check also box
  • Live search Ajax
  • Taqyeem rating plugin + 2 addons
  • Instagram widget
  • Sticky sidebars
  • Lightbox plugin
  • Masonry layout
  • Weather widget
  • Media post template
  • Grid slider
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • 30+ custom widgets
  • Unlimited colors
  • 650+ Google fonts
  • Customized posts, categories, and pages
  • 10 custom page templates
  • 40+ shortcodes
  • RTL language support
  • Google Adsense friendly
  • Mobile friendly and AMP ready
  • SEO optimized
  • Fast speed loading

You can read more information about this theme on Themeforest.

Newsmag theme 2021

Newsmag Theme

Newsmag theme is also the best news and magazine theme in the world, because this theme, like the newspaper theme, is a product of Tagdiv developers.

The features of this theme are just as great as the features of the newspaper theme because with the help of these features you can create great news and magazine website.

Why do most people like the NewsMag theme? We have given the reasons and the main features below.

  1. Outstanding first-class support
  2. Best rated news theme
  3. Flexible and versatile layouts
  4. Innovative trendsetting design
  5. Free lifetime updates
  6. Over 13000+ delighted customers

This theme also has great and powerful features that allow you to quickly create a very delicious and beautiful website.

Because the Newsmag theme gives you so many options for creating a website or blog.

You can create a great website without any coding, just by drag and drop feature, and this theme is as easy to use as a newspaper theme.

In this theme, you also get the same options and features as in the newspaper theme, with the NewsMag Theme you get the best plugins that you have created in your WordPress website after making all kinds of fastest and best magazines and news websites. ۔

We have written below about all the features of this Newsmag theme, you can check it out.

Newsmag Theme Features:

  • No coding required
  • Beautiful and astonishing post styles
  • Easy one-click install
  • Tagdiv Composer
  • 100% front end
  • All drag and drop
  • Flex block
  • 12 Unique Demos
  • Astonishing post styles
  • GDPR support
  • WPML compatible
  • Eye caching Premium widgets
  • Mobile theme support
  • AMP ready
  • Newsletter plugin
  • Weather widget
  • Exchange widget
  • Instagram widget
  • Social counter widget
  • Author box widget
  • Ad box widget
  • Custom made lightbox
  • Smart sidebar
  • Sticky menu
  • Beautiful and powerful admin panel
  • Advance block system
  • Wpbakery page builder
  • Blazing fast loading speed
  • Tagdiv’s Wp booster API system
  • Post views with caching plugin
  • Speed booster plugin
  • Ajax login/sign up system
  • IOS and Android bookmark
  • IOS slider
  • Unique article system
  • Live search Ajax
  • E-commerce
  • Review and rating system
  • Video thumbnail downloader
  • Lazy load effects
  • Top bar templates
  • Powered by font awesome 4 menu
  • SEO friendly
  • Google Adsense friendly

You can read more information about this theme on Themeforest.

Jannah Theme 2021

Jannah Theme

Jinnah theme is also the best news and magazine theme of this time, in which you get great options and features، وith these features you can make your website very beautiful and fast.

This theme has many features, such as autoload post, Snapchat, and TikTok widget, Instagram plugin, caching system, and AMP plugin, using which you can make your website or blog superfast.

More features of this theme are given below, you can check them out with satisfaction.

Jannah Theme Features:

  • Autoload Posts (Reduce Bounce Rate)
  • Social Media Widgets (Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram)
  • Day/Night mode toggle
  • Unique Panel night mode
  • Rounded Layouts
  • Widgets pagination
  • New post into section style
  • Font awesome 5.0
  • Unlimited beautiful header styles
  • Weather widget
  • New block pagination style
  • Auto video thumbnail downloader
  • White label option
  • Beautiful share button styles
  • Sticky share buttons
  • Custom block background
  • Inline related posts
  • Up to 7 languages support
  • Beautiful mobile header options
  • AMP menu
  • Mobile live search
  • Default featured image
  • Compact comments area
  • Performance speed 3x faster
  • Gutenberg support
  • GDPR compliance support
  • Article inline ads
  • Google Adsense friendly
  • AMP friendly
  • Mobile theme Friendly
  • Next Post slider
  • 27 beautiful demos
  • Migration plugin
  • Fully responsive and Retina ready
  • And Much More

You can read more information about this theme on Themeforest.

ZoxPress Theme 2021

ZoxPress Theme

ZoxPress is the Best WordPress News theme of this year 2021, as it has new features and is competing with major themes such as newspapers.

The style, features, and options of this theme are unique to all the themes, which is why it is in high demand in the market.

Why is this theme a popular theme right now? Because this theme Zoxpress also has some features that you don’t find in other themes.

Wordpress News Themes

The options and features in Zooxpress Theme allow you to generate more revenue for your website, beautify your website, and make your website super fast.

Below we have all the information about what are the best features and options in the Zoxpress theme.

ZoxPress Theme Features:

  • Autoload Posts (Reduce bounce rate)
  • Night Mode (Protect your eyes)
  • Parallax inline article ads
  • Up to 50 beautiful header styles
  • Google AMP compatible
  • Woocommerce compatible
  • Sportspress compatible
  • 900+ google fonts
  • Premium Plugins of $81 Dollars (for free)
  • Fully responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Sticky Featured videos
  • Unlimited ad units
  • SEO optimized
  • RTL ready
  • Translation ready
  • Child theme included
  • One-click demo import
  • Google Adsense Easy implementation
  • Unlimited colors
  • Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud integration
  • Schema rich snippets
  • Custom fly-out navigation
  • bbpres compatible
  •  Infinite scroll
  • Custom theme panel option
  • Free lifetime updates
  • And much more

You can read more information about this theme on Themeforest.

Easy Ways To Earn Money Online in 2021

Easy Ways to Make Money Online 2021

Easy Ways To Earn Money Online: If you plan to earn money online in this year 2021, so I, am here for showing you, some really truthful and easy ”Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online in 2021”۔ After reading this post, you will be able to make money on YouTube and also you can make money on Facebook.

How to Make Money Online in 2021?

There are thousands of ways to make money online in 2021, some of which are right but most of which are wrong.

Every newcomer to this field is worried about what are the right and easy ways to make money online, and how can he make money online?

After reading today’s article, they will be fully aware of the problem of how to make money online, because we will tell you about the (Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online) that you can easily make money online.

And the fact that people are really making thousands of dollars every month from these ways.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

  1. YouTube (A very easy way to earn money for Beginners)
  2. Facebook (Easy but a little hard to make money for Beginners)
  3. Affiliate Marketing (A best and easy way to make money online)
  4. blogging (The very easy way to earn money online for new bloggers)
  5. Freelancing (Best Easy and a little hard for new freelancers)

Make Money on YouTube


First of all, let’s talk about YouTube because YouTube is the only and best way to make money online, which video creators are millions of people, and fortunately I’m one of them.

You know about YouTube, people make money by uploading videos.

But do you know of any other ways we can make money from YouTube besides uploading videos?

If you think that we have no subscribers on YouTube, no watch time, and no views, let me tell you the best and easiest solution.

Many years ago, there was no other option than uploading videos to YouTube, but over time, YouTube has also changed completely and is reaching new heights by launching new features day by day.

Like some time ago YouTube launched the Community Tab and later the Story feature.

However, now YouTube has launched a feature called YouTube Shorts which is also very amazing and helpful.

Many people don’t know about YouTube Shorts. How does this feature work? and how they can get a lot of subscribers and millions of views with the help of this feature (YouTube Shorts).

YouTube has launched this feature (YouTube Shorts) in the same way as TikTok and Likee apps. This feature works just like the way you scroll through videos in TikTok and other applications.

With this feature, short videos of new YouTubers are also viewed randomly, which not only gives them millions of views but also manages to get a lot of subscribers.

With the help of this feature, their channel is quickly monetized, with which they can earn good money online.

How to Make Money Online in 2021 on YouTube?

Now let me tell you about many other ways besides making money by uploading videos on YouTube. There are 8 useful ways to make money on YouTube.

  • Make money on YouTube by Uploading Videos
  • Earn Money on YouTube by Live Stream
  • Make Money on YouTube by Affiliate Marketing
  • Earn Money on YouTube by Social Marketing
  • Make Money on YouTube by Playing Games on Live Stram
  • Earn Money on YouTube by Uploading Short Videos
  • Make Money on YouTube by Sharing others Products on your Community Tab 
  • Earn Money on YouTube by Sponsorships and lots of other ways

There are many ways to work on YouTube but it is not possible to explain them here. You can easily find information about this one by one on YouTube.

Make Money on Facebook


Let me tell you about Facebook, now the second-largest source in the world after YouTube where millions of people are making money.

There are many ways to make money on Facebook, just like there are on YouTube, but understand that there are more ways to make money than YouTube where you can make more money than you think.

How Many Ways to Make Money on Facebook?

As we have told you before, there are many ways to make money on Facebook, some of which are easy but others are very difficult.

We don’t have a lot of information about Facebook, but we share as much information as we have with you, which will be of great benefit to you. Here are 9 ways to make money on Facebook.

  • Make Money on Facebook by IOS App Monetization
  • Earn Money on Facebook by Android App Monetization
  • Make Money on Facebook by Instant Articles (Fb Page)
  • Earn money on Facebook by Website Monetization
  • Make Money on Facebook by Uploading Videos (Instream Ads)
  • Earn Money on Facebook by Fan Subscriptions (Fb Page)
  • Make Money on Facebook by Branded Content (Fb Page)
  • Earn Money on Facebook by Group Subscriptions (Fb Group)
  • Make Money on Facebook by Sponsorships (Fb page or Group)

Here are some of the most original ways you can make a lot of money on Facebook.
If you are wondering what are the methods of so many options, then I have given a link inside each option, you can get more information by visiting this link.

How to Make Money Online in 2021

Affiliate Marketing

One of the great ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. People are making millions of dollars this way, but a lot of people don’t know anything about affiliate marketing, and those who know a little bit think it’s nonsense.

If people know how to make money from affiliate marketing, then, believe me, people will give up everything and choose only affiliate marketing.

How Many Ways to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the only way to make millions of dollars, but the only people who are successful in this field are those who have the passion and seek to change the lives of themselves and their loved ones.

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing, you can do it anywhere on any platform. You can easily start this work on any social media platform, on your blog or website, etc. But there are many ways to do it.
Here are the Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing Easily. The rest of the methods are a bit tricky.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing

In addition to these methods, there are many other sites where you can earn money by joining affiliate programs, sharing their links in different places, or creating detailed content about them, or reviewing them.


You probably know a little bit about blogging. What is blogging and how to make money from blogging.

However, in today’s post, we will provide you all the information related to blogging which will be very useful for the future of your blogging.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a field where you can create different types of websites or blogs and write different posts or articles in them to spread your information or knowledge to the world.

Initially, you can start blogging by creating a good website or blog using Google’s Free Product Blogger, but when your website grows and you getting benefits from this website, you can migrate your site to WordPress, Where you can start your business by creating a very beautiful and wonderful website.

How many Ways to Make Money from Blogging?

There are many ways to make money from blogging, some are better but many are useless.

Making money from blogging is both easy and difficult, but the methods we are going to tell you some effortless ways, and you will be successful in the future of blogging by following them.

  • Google Adsense for Publishers
  • Media. Net for Publishers
  • Affiliate Marketing through your Website
  • Get Paid by uploading videos on Your Website
  • Upload Images and Get Paid through your website
  • Get Paid by short links through your Website
  • Earn Money by Uploading Softwares and Apps through your Website


The last topic on this list is freelancing which is the best and easiest way to make money online. You may be surprised to learn that children are also making thousands of dollars from Freelancing.

There are 3 different examples of freelancing, you can start offering freelancing service on your own website, secondly, you can do it through social media and thirdly you can give this service on other sites like Fiverr And Upwork, etc.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a platform where you work for others, you get orders and you get paid only after you complete those orders.

How Many Ways to Make Money from Freelancing?

There are many ways to start freelancing, which is to find a platform where you can easily start receiving orders and solve your financial problem.

But the problem with freelancing is that if you have the skills and you can speak a little English, then you will get orders and you will be able to handle your clients.

Let me tell you about some of the best websites where you can make thousands of dollars using your art and these easy ways to earn money online.

Top 5 Cheap Web Hosting 2021 | Seolexa

Top 5 Best Web Hosting 2021

If you’re publishing a new website or blog, there’s no cause to pay a fortune for hosting. There are many cost-effective options obtainable in the marketplace so that you can select from.

Small personal blogs and websites and different newer sites can definitely get away with an affordable cheap hosting plan.

However, with lots of hosting suppliers to select from, discovering the best choice for your web site can really feel like a tall task.

Fortunately, you won’t even have to search via thousands of plans. There are actually just one or two dozen respected web hosts to think about. That listing will get even smaller if you’re in search of a cheap hosting plan. For these of you in decent price range, these are my high picks:

Top 5 Cheap Web Hosting Services 2021

  • Bluehost — The Best web Hosting in 2021
  • Hostinger — Greatest Web Hosting Under $1 in 2021
  • A2 Hosting — The Best Customer Service 2021
  • HostGator — The Best Low-cost Cloud Hosting 2021
  • Namecheap — The Cheapest Web Hosting in 2021

1. Bluehost Review, The Best Web Hosting in 2021

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is without doubt one of the hottest suppliers within the hosting business. They power 2+ million websites throughout the globe.

Shared hosting packages from Bluehost begin at $3.95 per 30 days. Whereas this start-level pricing is a bit increased compared to different options on our listing, Bluehost is arguably the most effective host in the marketplace right now.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Myself, I’d relatively pay a few extra (dollars) per 30 days for quality. Should you fall into that very same category, Bluehost will likely be excellent for you.

That is additionally my high pick for anybody beginning a brand new website or blog from scratch. Bluehost makes it simple for you to bundle your hosting with domain registration from a single supplier.

Different options and advantages of Bluehost include:

  • 24/7 customer help
  • The free domain name for one 12 months
  • Really helpful by WordPress since 2005
  • Automated WordPress installations and automated WordPress updates
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unmetered bandwidth

Bluehost is built to scale as nicely. Like your web site, gains visitors and requires extra wants, this hosting supplier makes it simple for you to develop.
All Bluehost hosting packages are backed by a one-month money-back guarantee. So you’ll be able to try Bluehost risk-free.

2. Hostinger Review, Greatest Web Hosting Under $1 in 2021


Hostinger is without doubt one of the most respected names on this planet of hosting. Their hosting services are easy, simple, and better of all—cheap.

You possibly can get plans for as low as $0.99 per month.

Should you’re in search of the cheapest possible plan from a good supplier, look no further than Hostinger. It’s value noting that you’ll have to lock in a 48-month contract to get this rock-bottom price.

This plan is actually only suitable for new bloggers and new web sites. For those of you who need fewer restrictions, Hostinger has two different shared web hosting plans beginning at $2.89 and $3.99, respectively—both nonetheless very cheap.

Noteworthy highlights of Hostinger’s plans of hosting include:

  • Simple to set up
  • Easy web site migrations
  • Optimized for WordPress (with a-click installations)
  • Constructed to scale
  • Consumer-friendly management panel
  • Cloudflare security nameservers
  • Github integration
  • 99.9% uptime assure
  • Limitless bandwidth (with choose plans)
  • The free domain name (with choose plans)

All Hostinger hosting plans are backed by a 30-day money-back assure. So if you happen to sad for any cause, simply contact their help team for a full money back refund.

3. A2 Hosting Review, The Best Hosting, and Customer Service 2021

A2hosting Plans

A2 Hosting is synonymous with turbo speed. With speed servers, extra resources, and further power, they boast a few of the quickest web page loading times in the hosting business.

Shared packages from A2 begin at $2.49 per 30 days, however, you’ll have to upgrade to the next tier if you wish to reap the benefits of their turbo speeds.

Whereas everybody talks about A2 Hosting’s turbo speed, it’s their customer support and helps that basically stands out probably the most to me. All plans include options and advantages like:

  • Free and easy website migrations
  • 24/7/365 guru help
  • Free automated backups
  • 99.9% uptime assure
  • Optimized for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, and Magento
  • Free SSL certificates

Should you’re beginning a brand new website or blog from scratch, A2 Hosting has site-building tools as nicely. For these of you who have a present website Integrated with one other hosting provider, A2’s knowledgeable website migration staff will handle the transfer or move for you.

Like most service suppliers on our listing, A2 Hosting additionally has a one-month money-back guarantee.

4. HostGator Review – The Best Low-cost Cloud Hosting in 2021

Hostgator Plans

As beforehand talked about, cloud hosting is economically different from VPS hosting. So if your blog is getting too much site visitors for a shared plan package, however, you don’t need to spend a fortune upgrading to a VPS, HostGator has low-cost cloud packages so that you can select from.

Beginning at only $4.95 per 30 days, you won’t discover the best deal from such a good provider.

Along with blazing-fast ultra load speeds, HostGator cloud hosting allows brands to extend their resources with the press of a button. Scale on-demand, with no data transfer or low-time essential.

Many other noteworthy highlights of HostGator’s cloud plans packages include:

  • Up to 2x faster, ultra-speed, and 4x extra resources than shared plans
  • The free domain name for one year
  • Free SSL certificate for one year
  • Simple to set up with a strong dashboard to handle your website
  • Built-in caching their own caching tools
  • Data mirroring
  • Automated failover (to prevent low-time)

At such a low price, you would even consider getting a HostGator cloud hosting plan when you’re launching a brand new website or blog from scratch. It’s the right combination of performance, speed, and price.

5. Namecheap Review – The Cheapest Web Hosting in 2021

Namecheap Hosting Plans

If you wish to do web hosting on a price range, then as this web hosting provider’s name suggests, it goals to be cheap. You get some spectacular value-for-money with Namecheap, significantly with a preliminary low cost for the first 12 months, and there are some heavyweight plans right here.

However, note the starter named Steller) plan only provides you 20GB of hard drive storage and 30 e-mail accounts and allows you to host 3 websites with this hosting plan however you get that at the price of only $1.58 monthly.

If you upgrade your plan to Steller Plus or Steller Bussiness, so you’ll get unlimited benefits, like unlimited websites you can host, auto backup, cloud storage, and up to 50 Gb SSD storage.

Namecheap provides a 99.9% uptime connectivity assure and is an easy service to set up, with a preliminary welcome e-mail that points you in the proper direction for all the things you may want (backed up by some impressive FAQs). It additionally performs host to a wonderful searchable information base.

To round issues off, testing proved that this provider usually gives above-average speeds compared to rivals, making this an awesome hosting supplier for many who aren’t keen on doing an excessive amount of damage to their pockets.

You possibly can join Namecheap unlimited web hosting right here:

Many other noteworthy highlights of Namecheap web Hosting plans packages include:

  • Absolutely No Hidden Charges
  • Free Hosting Migrations
  • 24/7 Chat with Specialists
  • Free area identify
  • Constructive SSL certificates for as much as 50 domains
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • The free web site builder
  • Privacy protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee



5 Best Search Plugins for WordPress (2021)

best wordpress search plugins 2021

Searching for a useful search plugin for WordPress?

By default, the native WordPress search option is quite restricted. It doesn’t search all your posts and articles, the search algorithm itself is fairly weak and doesn’t make well results, and it doesn’t provide user-friendly front-end options like live Ajax search ideas that seem as quickly as a person begins writing.

On huge-traffic websites with lots of posts and articles, the default WordPress search function also can cause efficiency problems due to its database queries.

WordPress plugins for search allow you to change all of that. You can together much more content in your search algorithm, modify the weighting/algorithm, and, depending on the plugin, provide a way more helpful search interface with ideas, filters, and extra. With some options, you’ll additionally be able to offload your search function to a private server, which is nice for performance on huge-traffic websites.

In this article, I’ll share the five greatest WordPress search plugins, most of which have a free version that you need to use.

Five Best Search Plugins for WordPress 2021

1. Relevanssi

Relevanssi is the most well-liked free search plugin at It’s primarily targeted at enhancing the WordPress search algorithm, not essentially including new front-end options.

For instance, it allows you to include several types of posts and articles in your search index including:

  1. Custom article varieties (e.g. products, events, jobs, and many others)
  2. Custom fields
  3. Categories, tags, and customized taxonomies
  4. User feedback
  5. Attachments such as Docs, PDFs, and many others. (with the paid or premium version)
  6. User profiles (with the paid or premium version)
  7. The output and front of shortcodes

You can even change the weighting of the algorithm. For instance, you may add extra weight if the person’s key phrase seems within the category than within the body of the posts or articles. It additionally provides fuzzy matching, which might help turn up extra search performance.

On the front-end, Relevanssi automatically integrates including a native WordPress search widget, so that you don’t want to alter anything.
But, it does still add a couple of front-end adjustments:

  1. Sort outcomes by relevance, not by date
  2. Create customized excerpts that appearing the posts or articles where the search phrase seems
  3. Highlight search phrases when a person clicks via to the posts or articles
  4. Add Google-style “Did you imply?” solutions

You can get most of the options within the free version at Or, the paid version prices $99 to be used on lots of websites. Click to see the comparability of the free vs paid options.

2. SearchWP

SearchWP is a well-liked premium WordPress search plugin. Like Relevanssi, it integrates with the native WordPress search widget and is generally targeted to help you enhance the search outcomes that your website or blog generates.

But, it does within the number of front-end improvements, as properly.

The largest function is that it permits you to include “extra” posts or articles in your search index, including:

  1. Custom article sorts (e.g. jobs, products, and many others.)
  2. Custom fields
  3. Front-end output of shortcodes
  4. Tags, categories, and customized taxonomies
  5. Content in PDFs and different documents

You can even modify the weighting of all these several types of content and SearchWP provides fuzzy matching for enhanced results.

Some different helpful options include:

  1. View search analytics
  2. Sort results by relevance not by date
  3. Use SearchWP to power-related posts or articles ideas on your website or blog
  4. Automatically redirect certain queries to a different web page

A similar developer additionally provides a free SearchWP Live Ajax Search plugin at that provides stay search results to your website or blog. It is, search results will seem as soon as a person begins writing.

SearchWP plugin only is available in a paid version. Plans begin at $99 to be used on one website, however, you’ll want the $149 Pro plugin version to enter each one function.

3. Ajax Search Lite/Pro

Ajax Search Lite is a well-liked search plugin that is available in each a free model at in addition to a paid model with extra options.

As the name ideas, its main option is so as to add live search results as fast as users begin writing. You may even customize the reside search outcomes to include posts thumbnails and different details. For instance, if you happen to run a WooCommerce store, you may include a product’s value in the live search outcomes.

You can try a demo right here to expertise what it’s like.

You can even add type and filter choices to assist visitors additional to refine the results and get different user-friendly options such as:

  1. Search term and condition highlighting
  2. Search ideas

However, it’s more than simply front-end enhancements. You also can use the Ajax Search Lite to manage the backend search option:

  1. Control what posts or articles may be searched. For instance, should it search website posts or WooCommerce products? Or both?
  2. Withing the customized fields and different data within the search
  3. Include user feedback in search

You can try the Ajax Search Lite plugin without cost or Free at For extra options, you should buy the Ajax Search Pro plugin for $36 from CodeCanyon, with lifetime updates. The paid version is well-rated, with 14,000+ purchased and a 4.82-star rating on over 790 opinions.

4. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch isn’t the WordPress plugin for the search itself – it’s an open-source search engine which you can combine into any kind of web site. But, there are a number of plugins that assist you to combine Elasticsearch into WordPress to energy your WordPress search.

Elasticsearch makes a very good choice for a huge-traffic, high-content WordPress blog, or website as a result of it privates your search index out of your WordPress website. This will reduce the variety of database queries that your blog must make, which improves efficiency. This is a giant a part of why some managed WordPress hosts, like Kinsta, provide Elasticsearch add-ons.

Beyond that, Elasticsearch additionally helps you make higher, extra correct search results. It permits you to include extra content articles or posts in your search results and likewise customizes the algorithm. You’ll additionally get different helpful options akin to fuzzy matching, faceted search, and live automated ideas.

Unfortunately, using Elasticsearch could be a little sophisticated, so it won’t be the most suitable choice for new bloggers.

First, you’ll have to set up the Elasticsearch software program your self, which is the type of like establishing a WordPress set up. You may both self-host that (as a result of it’s open-source) or you can pay ElasticPress to purchase a plugin to host it for you (which could be a low costly). If you’re using Cloudways, so Cloudways additionally has software that can teach you to set up Elasticsearch and other WordPress hosts (like Kinsta) provide Elasticsearch features.

Once you will have your Elasticsearch set up, you may integrate it along with your WordPress blog using the free ElasticPress plugin at

5. Jetpack Search

Jetpack Search plugin is a paid WordPress search service from Automattic developers, the same group behind, WooCommerce, and the standalone Jetpack plugin.

One of the largest benefits of Jetpack Search is that it does all the processing and search indexing on Automattic’s servers. If you have a heavy-traffic blog and/or a website with unlimited content, this may greatly reduce the load in your server, which might enhance your load time performance.

Beyond that, the Jetpack Search plugin fully replaces your blog’s native search option with its personal search overlay that helps various user-friendly options:

  1. Real-time search ideas
  2. Search question highlighting in results
  3. Sort/filter features in the search results

As for the search algorithm itself, the Jetpack Search plugin is actually based mostly on Elasticsearch (the same expertise that I shared above). It options various enhancements like:

  1. Spelling corrections
  2. Fuzzy matching
  3. Prioritized search results based mostly on-blog stats – that’s, it could rank more well-liked content greater

Unfortunately, the Jetpack Search plugin only is available in a premium version. You’ll pay a month-to-month payment based on how many articles or posts your website has. The plans begin at $5 monthly for up to 100 search data (e.g. 100 website posts or articles) and go up from there.

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